About the Club

Helmets are required; road bikes are highly recommended.
This is a social club for riding and gathering afterward for friendship, food, drink and conversation.
The club was started in 1999 (estimated) by a group of people that regularly met for spin class at Dakotah Sport and Fitness.

Which group is best for me?

The first thing you should ask yourself is "How experienced am I in group riding?" If you are new to group riding, it's best to start riding with either the Recreational Group or the C-group. Both are low-key with slow to moderate paces and have "No-Drop" policies. This means, if you fall behind, the group will allow you to catch up either at a safe place to take an all-group rest stop, or they will slow the pace to accommodate you.

The average speeds listed on the home page are the averages over the entire ride. The groups will be riding faster than the average on the flat sections and slower going up hills or with a strong headwind.

If you have a road bike (skinny tires), and can ride 25 miles with a few stops, then try the C-Group first. If you don't have a road bike (maybe you ride a hybrid or something with wider tires), then try the recreational group. By their nature, road bikes are faster and riding something other than a road bike may cause you to struggle to keep up at times. If you want to try out a road bike, check with Michael's Cycles.

The B-Group consists of experienced riders who will push the pace at times. The A-Group is mainly elite riders who consistently ride over 20 mph.

So, if you are not sure where to start, begin with either the Recreational or the C-Group. If it is too easy, move up to the next highest group the next time out.

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